First things first.

Tuixén Benet

Website for a choreographer. The whole site was designed to integrate fullscreen videos, since the client's work is mainly based in feature films, advertising campaigns and music videos.

Heather 7″

Art direction and design of the first reference by Barcelona based band Heather, Inside, edited by Famèlic Records in 7" vinyl. The duality of the band's sound, contrasting shoegaze-pop and postpunk, is the starting point for the cover's visual concept. Pop (organic, alive, natural) against postpunk (cold, dead, melancholic). The plant breaking through cement explains how the two universes coexist. Photography by Alex Sardà.

Germà Aire 7″

Germà Aire is a band that has found its sound mixing intimate folk-pop and spaced electronics. Despite the two tunes this release collects were discarded for their first album, Famèlic (the label) decided to put them out. The classic approach (straight portrait, title of the band above) recovers the feeling of the 70s catalan folk-pop singles. It is also a reinterpretation of the cover of their first album, Ball del Cel. Art direction and design. Photography by José Porroche.

Aitor Mohedano

Card for a physiotherapist. Every vertebra in the human body has an abbreviation formed by a letter (indicating the zone: cervical, thoracic…) and a number. The realistic disposition of every abbreviation composes an abstract representation of the spinal column, one of the organs more related to this profession. The letterpress printing also helps to emphasize the tactile factor, key in physiotherapy. Printed at l'Anacrònica.

Som Heather

Edition and design of the fanzine Som Heather, by the Barcelona based band Heather. The publication draws on the moments the band was living in 2015. Photography by Pablo de Pastors, Miguel Hernández, Alba Yruela, Heather Cameron, Alex Sardà and Sergi Vilà. Words by Artur Estrada. 100 copies. 36 pages, laserprint.

JIS 2015 (DSAS)

Després del Suïcidi — Associació de Supervivents (DSAS) is a NGO that works supporting people who have lost loved ones because of suicide. Potser design for an event. The blue circle works as a symbol for universality, while the yellow arm explains how the association works: embracing anyone who is suffering a lost, unconditionally.

Wild Live

Wild Live is an independent electronic music label established in Barcelona. They book international DJ sets, manage electronic music festivals and support local musicians. The new graphic identity I developed alongside Pablo de Pastors is based on the strong, rough stroke the handmade lettering has. The images for the different divisions and seasonal follow the main logotype thanks to manual calligraphy and an almost closed circle, giving uniformity overall.

Hans Laguna — Deletrea

The second LP by Hans Laguna, Deletrea, condenses both dimensions this artist had explored in his past works. The sum of psychedelic and experimental sounds with the sweet and catchy pop melodies make this record his most mature album. The photography on the cover reflects this idea of passive movement and reflexion, an idea that the music evoques throughout the album. Published by El Genio Equivocado. Available in digital and on both CD and on black or white 12" vinyl. In collaboration with Josep Dols.

Hans Laguna — La red

Photography and design for the Deletrea LP digital single "La Red" by Hans Laguna. Unreleased.

Amics — Enemics

Art direction and design for a book about the adventures of a garage–punk band called Piñata during its existence. Includes images and texts by the band members and their friends and the lyrics from its last release, a double EP called Amics/Enemics released in 2013.

El Éxito eres tú

Editorial design for the first novel written by Jordi Vilà. The story of a man under pressure to decide between his Ego and the real 'him'. The multiple black "yo" (me, in spanish) represent the Ego and surround the white one, which represents his true identity thus explaining visually the main idea of the text. Available here.


Logotype and applications for the 30th anniversary of Agrupament Escolta i Guia Sant Ignasi (AESI), a non-profit organizaton related to the catalan boy-scout movement. The posters featured three X (30 in roman figures) and the colors blue and red, which comes from the color of their neckerchief, their most identifying object.


First issue of an art magazine published by Edicions Santa Magdalena, in which the following artists took part: Oriol Roca, Víctor Roig, David Rosel, Sergi Vilà, Júlia Sardà and Josep Dols. In collaboration with Josep Dols.

Heliogàbal XX

Logotype for the twentieth anniversary of Heliogàbal, a bar that has become one of the most popular cultural centres in Barcelona due to its eclectic programming, including poetry and alternative music. The golden head of Elagabalus —Heliogàbal in catalan, a roman emperor famous for his excesses— has always been part of the bar identity. Adding the double X (twenty in roman figures) is enough to visually explain the importance of the date.


A selection of small pieces commissioned by different clients. I take the personality and the purpose of the piece as the basis for the design, which in turn forces me to approach each design differently.